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If you find you have to go a lot more frequently, learning how to hold your pee can help. Holding your pee for too long can be harmful for you. It can allow excess bacteria to build up in your bladder and can contribute to urinary tract infections. When the urge hits, find ways to distract yourself or at least lessen the urge to go. Some ways you can accomplish this include:. Bladder training is a preventive method that helps you retrain your bladder to hold more urine. This is a mind-body approach that helps your brain and bladder learn to tolerate the presence of more urine before creating the urge that you have to go right away.
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hen you have to pee, do you sometimes experience pain or leaking? Over time , your bladder muscle loses its ability to hold urine as well as it. So — why am I sharing the tale of how I was stuck on the bus with an urgent need to relieve myself? Because it was one of the shittiest and.
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You may have stress incontinence or urge incontinence. Or even a combination of the two. Fortunately, there may be a clear cause, and treatments can help. Here are 13 health conditions or problems that could result in incontinence.

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Gross just couldn't ignore the urge any longer. Maybe it was the humidity or all that sweet tea, but in , after a decade of playing tackle in Carolina, Gross had finally reached his bathroom breaking point. It's simple math, really: Players drink gallons of water but can't leave the field for even 30 seconds for fear of a turnover happening midstream. Over the years, Gross had tried every technique NFL players and other hyper-hydrated athletes use to surreptitiously relieve themselves during games. He'd experimented with the time-honored slow release into his pants, but they were white, for starters, and it just left Gross feeling soggy and slow.
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